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Construction projects can be complex and challenging but technology can assist managing both on-site trades and off-site stakeholders. Our solutions automatically collect, collate, and analyse data, both in real-time status tracking and post-build, providing insight for future projects.

Site Sentinel workforce management software is built to increase end-to-end project productivity, while also reducing costs and repetitive processes. Our solution streamlines all workforce process from online registration, automatic verification, integrated induction, subcontractor performance and reporting and compliance.

 Individual Profiles
   One Time Registration


 Identification & Verification
   Verified Workforce


Workforce Management


Organisation Profile
Operating Transparency


Roll Calls
Remote Instant Access


Online Inductions
Streamline Inductions


• Market-leading biometric analysis technology providing real-time visibility of your workforce, on any given site and at group level
• Tailored, interactive dashboard provides real-time assessment of information for improving workforce, project and supply chain management
• Deep dive and interact with real-time reporting data for all operatives on site, measuring contractor & operative performance
• Gain an accurate record of contractor & operative inductions, training and qualifications
• Convert real-time, quality data to enable better decision-making now and for the future
• On site and group level insight and reporting from site and corporate portal, for optimum visibility and performance

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