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Safety and compliance is at the forefront of our solutions, with functionality and versatility a top priority.  


Our range of BS EN54-certified fire safety products incorporate a network of portable calls points connected to a central control panel. Our wireless radio link fire alarms are quick to set-up, adaptable, simple to use, durable and above all reliable. Heat and smoke detectors offer automatic detection and fire extinguishers are available at fire points or as part of the SafetyHub.


Quick Installation

The wireless system enables fast set up on site, with call points automatically connecting to control panel. This saves on lengthy install time and money related to labour and cables. 

Mesh Network Connectivity

Systems are scalable and easy to re-configure as the project evolves. Mesh network connects up to 127 stations wirelessly, ensuring notrailing cables across site. 



System can be integrated with ancillaries such as auto-diallers, CCTV systems and access control systems. 


HSE Compliance

Meets HSE guidance for Fire Safety on Construction Sites (HSG 168) fire alarm systems (BS 5839-1 and BS EN54) meet all European standards and insurance requirements. 

Our Solutions


Call Points

   First Aid Option
   Activates ‘Assistance
   Needed’ at control panel 


   ABS Casing 


   Large beacon on top 

   Dual Power
   separate power for radio and
    the sounder/beacon


   Push on/off IP65 rated switch 

Heat and Smoke Detectors

   Automatic Detection
   Early Warning 


   Heat detection for dusty

   Flexible Positioning


   Smoke detectors for
   cleaner environments

WES® Wireless Panel

   Easy to Operate
   One touch hot keys for
   primary panel commands 

   Continuous Monitoring
   Automatic alerts if unit is
   disconnected or has low battery 

Fire Posts

   Site plan clip frame, Fire Point 
    1, 2 or 3 extinguishers and alarms


  Centre of gravity is carefully
   condensing and easy transportation


   Easy Install
   Has pre-cut fixings for quick install
    of alarms and document holders

   Transport brackets for fast
    condensing and easy transportation


  Cabinet Option
   For security and weather protection


   Extendipole Option
   No need to fix detector to ceiling


Self-Service Fire Extinguishers

   Self Service
   Can be inspected and signed off 
    by your own personnel


    Money Saving
    No need for costly annual


   Tough Design
   Units cannot dent, rust or corrode,
    therefore guaranteed for 10 years

   Muliple Applications
   Foam extinguisher can be used on live
    electrical fires up to 1,000V, reducing
                     number of extinguishers needed


   100% recyclable after a 20-year


   No need to fix detector to ceiling
    with BS EN3

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